Saint Lawrence Gap, Christ Church, Barbados (MaDeRe). Parisian-style patisserie with pastries, crepes, coffee and tea is offered to guests at Sandals Barbados and Sandals Royal Barbados when they visit the Café de Paris at Sandals Barbados, located next to Sandals Royal Barbados. Both areas seem like one big green complex and it is located right on the seafront south of Bridgetown in Saint Lawrence Gap, Christ Church, in Barbados, one of the island states of the Lesser Antilles.

The small confectionery called Café de Paris in Barbados offers not only a bit of French-style confectionery, but also fine or sweet pastries especially for Anglo-American tastes. Cookies and cupcakes, brownies and rolls can be found in the display of a chilled counter, but also biscuits as light sweet pastries and great cupcakes as well as croissants and crepes. Spherical ice cream in a handful of flavours – more than just vanilla, rum-raisin and chocolate – is also served in a glass, either with sprinkles, wafers and sauces in a bowl or as a shake, with a shot if desired.

Not only the counter is cooled, but the whole rather small selection and serving room with facades of dark brown wood and glass. But outside, Caribbean, tropical temperatures of around 30° Celsius prevail. When it rains, frogs croak; when the sun shines, birds chirp in the lush greenery of a thousand and one tropical shades, from which exotic plants and palm trees stand out and delight the eye.

The terrace of the Café de Paris is paved. Chairs like those in Paris line small bistro tables under inviting parasols. The scenery seems thoroughly fitting and appropriate, as if Paris were in paradise.

But it’s not just the scent of the tropics and sweet things in the air, but also that of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.All kinds of coffee specialities are on offer.How about Café Jamaïquain (coffee, rum, cream, coffee liqueur and cocoa)? That would suit the Caribbean, while a Café Français (coffee, Grand Marnier orange liqueur, coffee liqueur and whipped cream) would be better suited to the Café de Paris, wouldn’t it? Take your time, read a good book for example, indulge in both coffees while browsing and much more! From Baileys and Brandy to Amaretto and Scotch Whisky, liqueurs from other countries are also included.

Hot coffees with delicious cakes and biscuits and milk ice-cold shakes, plus a good book on the terrace in the tropical park of Sandals Barbados. Paradise at the

Café de Paris at Sandals Barbados

Address: St Lawrence Gap, Barbados

Contact:Phone: +18887263257


Dress code: Resort casual, so casual and fluffy, even with sandals in Sandals, but like to have a dash of elegance and flair

Opening hours: daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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